The second win for the Chinese Zheng after the scandalous fight last May

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After the scandalous fight between the Chinese Zheng against Bianca Walkden last
May, Zheng won twice after that fight against bianca, the first win was in last September Chiba grand prix (golden point) and the second was in Saturday 19 October when the Chinese fighter succeeded to find a solution in the last second of the third round through a kick to the hogu.

Bianca was one point ahead (2 - 1), but Zheng surprised her by a kick to the trunk.
Both fighters were in shock, Zheng did not believe she scored two points while Bianca was shocked that she lost in the last second of the fight.
It seems that the more they meet in championships the more it gets complicated 🤷‍♂️
In last May Zheng lost the fight against Bianca who used the rules to win instead of fighting to win, therefore, Zheng lost by the kamjeom (warnings) she got.
The fight between these two athletes is exposing one clear reality about Taekwondo elites and champions.
Sometimes you do not need to be a great fighter to be a champion, but you can use the rules against your opponents, especially with the big new changes that occur on Taekwondo everyday 🤷‍♂️
Let's watch the fight 👇