Knock down stomach kick

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It is rare to see knock downs happening by a roundhouse kick to the stomach. 
In this fight the fighter of the blue corner execuded a strong roundhouse kick (dolyo chagi) to the hogu of the other fighter, which ended this fight. 
This fight is a bit old because the style cganged a lot, and even head kicks do not cause knock outs or knock downs 😁. 
It is good in one side which is the safety of athletes, but also bad in which concern the quality of Taekwondo as a self defense martial art. 
It is not good to know that kicks you practice in your dojang can not help you to defend your self 🤷‍♂️. 
Besides the competition style, master should keep teaching the traditional old style Taekwondo 🙏🙏

Let's watch the👇👇