Exercises to correct your side kick & and to kick higher 👆

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          If you are a poomsae enthusiast or a competitor, this video contains 
a good training that can be helpful for you to improve your performance, especially the kicking techniques such as side kick.

Flexibility is needed for a good and comfortable performance, but it is not enough.
Kicks require a good positioning of the posture, strength and control of the movement, without these factors the kick will be just a leg move. 
Most Taekwondo practitioners struggle with side kicks especially the higher ones, and kicking high is most likely painful 😕,
But the key is always training. 
The physical stress that you put on your body during the training always pay off, so it is okay to feel pain in your hips, hamstrings, quadriceps and so on, but once your body gets used to those excercises, you will be pain free, or at least that pain will be very little.

 Enough talk and let's watch