An ''instructor'' torturing a girl

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This man here who seems to be running this place that we can not call a martial arts school but a torture hall must be in jail instead of teaching students. 
We can see in this video the way he was hitting this girl on the face, probably by ignorance about the right way to make her handle the punches, and the bad way is that she is not fighting back 😕
This man is just abusing this girl in a violent way. 
The only positive way is that someone was filming him. We do not know if this footage can do something against his behavior but at least people would know how he trains people. 

We are against all ways of abuse in martial arts, and we hope training schools respect the principles of teaching. 
We also can see a South Korean flag, which means there is Taekwondo or Hapkido in this place, and we hope Taekwondo instructors there are treating their students differently. 
According to the video this abusive torture happened in Morocco. 


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  1. Would not want him in my dojang. OR would match him up with someone a lot senior. Needs put in his place, or not my place.