Why would you accept challenging other martial arts if you were not taught well??

1:39:00 PM Tkd kwan 6 Comments

We have seen many videos of fights between different martial arts, and in thia fight we have Taekwondo (Korea) and Aikido (Japan). 

The question is why would someone challenge another fighter from different martial arts if you are not able to give a good image of your art. 
Everyone of us is responsible about the martial art we are doing. 
In this video the Taekwondo guy seems to be a low quality black belt or someone who got it after a short time of practice, because a real Taekwondo fighter can hit and manage their distance with the opponent. 
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  1. Ese no es un cinturon negro. Y si lo es, una verguenza. Si uno no esta en reales condiciones y ni siquiera conoce a la otra arte marcial, ni deberia pensarse en un desafío.

  2. I think he's a blue belt, not black?

  3. This has to be fake. Like a propaganda video to promote aikido and japanese MA and knock Korean MA. That was horrible.

  4. such an embarrassment to TKD. all his kicks were weak and he didn't score any of them. This could not be real.