Why would you accept challenging other martial arts if you were not taught well??

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Fights between different styles of martial arts are attracting more audience because people are always curious to know the fighter who will win or which style would perform better.
Most the fighting styles have strong techniques and useless techniques and no martial art is a complete system, even if many practitioners are trying to promote their arts as the best of the best.
The sparring challenges are mostly organized between styles that have some similarities. A fight between two striking fighting styles such as Taekwondo and Karate can be fair for both fighters because the two styles can use punches and kicks, and the winner would be the one who has mastered their art well.
A fight between a striking art and a wrestling style could be tough for both, especially for the wrestling style that should wait for a 0 distance to apply their techniques, while the striking style fighter can kick or punch from a safe distance.
In today's article we are going to talk about a fight between the Korean Taekwondo and the Japanese Aikido.
The title of the video we have today says that the Taekwondo fighter is a black belt but the belt he is wearing is blue, but honestly after watching the video we can see clearly that he can not be a good blue belt because his kicks are not good at all.
We are not sure exactly if this fight was real or if the video owner wanted to promote Aikido over Taekwondo.
In all cases, Taekwondo fighter here does not deserve to wear a Taekwondo uniform and belt or represent the Korean martial art at all.
This type of videos reveal the real truth about the Taekwondo schools and the business behind the black belt tests, an we all know that the belt tests are a source of revenue for most Taekwondo and martial arts schools, but the big issue is that many masters and grand masters do not care anymore about the quality of their new black belts, and you can see that each school has a big number of black belts who do not master the basic techniques of Taekwondo.
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  1. Ese no es un cinturon negro. Y si lo es, una verguenza. Si uno no esta en reales condiciones y ni siquiera conoce a la otra arte marcial, ni deberia pensarse en un desafío.

  2. I think he's a blue belt, not black?

  3. This has to be fake. Like a propaganda video to promote aikido and japanese MA and knock Korean MA. That was horrible.

  4. such an embarrassment to TKD. all his kicks were weak and he didn't score any of them. This could not be real.

  5. The balance and angle of his spin kicks are terrible

  6. Look like neither one of them know very much of their martial art.

  7. This guy should not be allowed to wear his black belt. All of his techniques are terrible he does't even have passion to what he is doing

    1. The TKD guy is not a black belt. It looks purple to me which some schools equate it to a yellow belt or 8 or 7 geup (with 9 being white). The other thing is what's his age. The older he is the harder to perform it due to flexibility. Whether its a fair fight? Depends on who challenge who? Motives? Etc. To me this is just a practice clip.

  8. If they were going full force TKD was the more aggressive and probably would have knocked out the Aikido

  9. hhmmmm thats not taekwondo...he does not evn know tkd that guy

  10. Why is one fighter (TKD) wearing what looks like boxing gloves and the other fighter has no gloves? This fight is fake

  11. As an Aikidoka I can tell you that aikido is terrible .....so I am not sure what is the point of this video...you say the TKD is bad....well so is the Aikido

  12. There is a differnce on the way the twd guy trained, i can tell he is a point fighter for tournaments, not self defence