A normal big man challenged an ITF master and knocked down 😳

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Taekwondo is a true and effective martial art, and and known for the diversity in its techniques especially in kicks.
We can not hide the fact that Taekwondo is loosing its tradition day after day, because the World Taekwondo is promoting the sports version of Taekwondo, which logically affected most schools.
Most Taekwondo schools are teaching the competition style of Taekwondo, which focus more of how to score points in sparring.
The traditional Taekwondo contain very effective kicks, and when we say traditional we mean both of the ITF Taekwondo and the Kukkiwon Taekwondo, and it is a bit sad to see that Taekwondo is turning to something else. The changes happening in Taekwondo competition affect directly the way we train in our dojangs.
Some people are describing Taekwondo as ballet or fencing because of the way it is promoted, but the truth is that we have many Taekwondo schools that teach the traditional form of Taekwondo.
Some people really do not believe in martial arts, and they see them as something for entertainment and fitness purposes. 
In this video it seems this big man wanted to check if Taekwondo is a real thing or just a show, so he challenged this ITF master into a sparring. 
The ITF master who looks too small compared to the other man accepted the challenge to have a sparring with him. It took only one head kick (Nelyo Chagi) to knock him down.  
Some of the viewers won't like that ITF master took the thing a bit seriously, but Lets see the other side, what if the ITF master was beaten by the normal man? 
Let's watch the video 👇                   



  1. I happen to be a 4th Dan myself and have been studying TKD for over 22, close to 23 years. I have also spent most of that time training in ITF style in particular. While I do appreciate this video, especially the Master winning, I do have to say that at least in America, there are QUITE a few "Masters" and "Black Belts" that I do not believe have the necessary skills or training necessary to beat normal guys off the street. There has been an over population of martial arts studios that act more as day care facilities to ensure a steady stream of income than studios that focus on the physical and mental fitness of students. This decline in self defense and increase in worrying about income as well and the mind shift of society has unfortunately contributed to street fighters (for lack of a better term) believing that they can fight and beat martial artists in general. I think that all martial artists need to re-focus on building up the martial arts back to being what it was (even how it was treated 30 or 40 years ago) and show how true martial arts can even beat the current fad of MMA.

    1. You Sir are the fad.

    2. I find myself agreeing with some of your points and disagreeing with others. I started off as a TKD 2nd Dan until I met kickboxers back in the day. Muay Thai, while not a life term martial art, is incredibly effective if you can survive the training. I realized that TKD, while affective in some cases, would be hard pressed to look proficient against those people trained for hard contact fighting that kick boxers and Muay Thai specialists bring. To make it even worse, Highly Trained, muscular, well rounded MMA and UFC fighters who use anything at their disposal are far more prepared than most traditionally trained fighters. Jui Jitsu does work, Muay Thai does work, and I favor those fighters over TKD in almost every case. I do agree that we want martial artist to be well prepared and definitely more well versed than the public. I also believe there has been a "dumbing down" of the requirements for martial arts in general for exactly the reasons you suggest. I don't have a google account or we could discuss this.

    3. No it cant that is bullshit that guy does not know how to fight. MMA will destroy martial arts.

  2. This is amazing..
    I could watch this over and over again..what a chagi

  3. I couldnt agree more with the first post