We highly recommend Jim carry as a self defense instructor

10:34:00 AM Tkd kwan 2 Comments

 Jim Carry is one of the most funniest actors in the history of cinema, his abilities to make us laugh are just to much.

Carry is not doing the same movies as before, maybe because his vision is completely different than before. We have seen him in many interviews where the interviewers barely understand what he wanted to say.

Let's get into our video of today 😊

Jim Carry is playing the role of Karate instructor who claimed to be a world champion in 1976. He had a ladies self defense class and before getting stated he was giving them a small speech mixed with his hilarious funny moves.

The last asked him a question and he tried to apply it in a self defense and using a real knife, the result as you would see is a real disaster 😂😂

This really reminds us of many fake masters who teach some crazy self defense techniques to their students, and the truth is that anyone using those methods would be killed so fast 😂


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