Taekwondo vs Karate

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Karate and Taekwondo looks similar for people who do not practice martial arts, but the two styles are different, one is Japanese and the other is Korean.
The sparring style in both styles is not the  same, and also the Kata in Karate is different than Poomsae in Taekwondo.
The sparring in some styles of karate is a full contact except some styles such as shotokan Karate, but Taekwondo is a full contact martial art.
we have here a full contact fight between Taekwondo  and Karate, and without any gears. For the Karate athlete is okay because they are used to spare without gears,  but the Taekwondo is different, and athletes are using head, chest, arm and shin guards in the sparring.
In this fight we can see that Taekwondo started well by throwing some good kicks, while the karate fighter was focusing more on punching.
After a short time the Taekwondo athlete started feeling tired, this says a lot about his bad stamina.
The karate fighter was not good at kicking so he was using some low kicks and a lot of body punches to the body.
The Taekwondo fighter succeeded to reach the head of the Karate athlete by roundhouse kick but it did not have a big effect on him.
In the second round, the Taekwondo fighter was already showing that he was already tired, therefore he was receiving punches from the Karate fighter,and it seems that Taekwondoo athlete was not trained to handle all this punches.
The Karate fighter succeeded to end up this fight by a knock down by punches.
What do you think about this fight? Do you think this Taekwondo athlete is ready to do sparring with other styles or not?
Feel free to share your thoughts with us and be sure that your opinions really matter.


  1. There is no such thing as my style is better. May the best man win & that is what it’s all about. Sense. Rolando Bocanegra 8th degree Blk. Belt.

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  3. Quite interestingly, the style of the karate-ka that defeated the taekwondo jin is Kyokoshinkai ryu, a style invented by the Zainichi Korean Master Choi Bae Dal famously known in Japan as Mas Oyama. Basically, this karate style has some Korean origin and flare as well.

  4. The TKD opponent seemed to be so tiered and had a very hard time connecting with kicks