Taekwondo vs Karate

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This is a fight between a Taekwondo fighter and a Karate fighter. 

The two martial arts are a bit closer to each other but considering the differences in their ways of performance. Also we should note that Karate focus on punches more than Taekwondo, and as you can see the last punch from the Karate fighter ended the fight by a knock down. 

This video does not mean to show which martial art us better but how every martial artist is using their art.
Let's watc


  1. There is no such thing as my style is better. May the best man win & that is what it’s all about. Sense. Rolando Bocanegra 8th degree Blk. Belt.

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  3. Quite interestingly, the style of the karate-ka that defeated the taekwondo jin is Kyokoshinkai ryu, a style invented by the Zainichi Korean Master Choi Bae Dal famously known in Japan as Mas Oyama. Basically, this karate style has some Korean origin and flare as well.

  4. The TKD opponent seemed to be so tiered and had a very hard time connecting with kicks