Real masters do not retire 💥💥

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Many Taekwondo masters stop the real practice of 

the martial art when they get older, and moat of them 
gain much weight, their stamina, their kicking techniques 
and also their flexibility. This is happening when Taekwondo instructors retire from kicking, and they give classes 
by talking and screeming. With respect to the masters 
who had injuries. 

In this video we can see Grand master ShinChul 
Kang performing some impressive kicks that got 
the attention of everyone. GM Kang is a well 
known grand master for his incredible high kicks 

even though he is above 60 years old/young, 
and for sure many people is their 20s can not do 
what this great man is doing. MUCH RESPECT🙏🙏

By master S. Elfdili