Was Anthony Joshua hiding being hurt before the fight in training by his sparring partner Joey Dawejko??

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In an interview after the most shocking boxing fights , Anthony Joshua talked about his shocking defeat against Andy Ruiz and answered few questions about how he felt about loosing that fight, he was been asked also if he was underestimating his opponent!

there was also a talk about a rematch so it may happen and Anthony will be in a big challenge especially if his defeat would have a big effect on his psychology. 
that interview shows the humbleness and kindness of Anthony Joshua, because not many can be nice in talking after loosing a fight especially in these conditions.
But it seems that Anthony was hiding something else, that was hurt in training with his sparring partner Joey Dawejko, and the strange thing is that Joey looks physically like Andy Ruiz 😲
Meet sparring partner Joey here in this link 

the question is why would Anthony Joshua hide that his training partner Joey hurt him before the fight?