Does shape and conditioning really matter in martial arts or fighting sports??

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             Does size matter?? that was the question we always ask when ever a shorter or a small fighter faces a taller or a big fighter. 
The boxing fight between the biggest star Anthony Joshua (UK) and the Mexican destroyer Andy Ruiz, made us ask the next question, does the athlete's shape and conditioning really matter to win a fight?
lets go talk about the shape of both fighters:

Andy Ruiz:
Height: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) 
Weight: 268 lbs (121 kg)
Reach : 74
Anthony Joshua:
Height: 6 ft 6 in (198 cm)
Weight: 247 lbs (113 kg)
Reach: 82

The Mexican Andy Ruiz (the destroyer) shocked the boxing world by destroying the British heavy weight star Anthony Joshua. even though the shorter reach of Andy (74) he was able to do an excellent punching work and hit Anthony's head in many occasions. moreover, it seems that the Destroyer's stamina was present during this fight, in the other hand Anthony expressions and breathing proved that he had hard moments in this fight, and he was also showing signs of tiredness.

Boxing a fighting sport that requires a great stamina because fighter should do many rounds, and only ready fighters can keep standing.
Anthony posted on his Instagram account: This is Andy's night, Congratulations Champ. That says a lot about the great spirit of Anthony.

We have one more last question: do you think this is a clean boxing fight or there is any games under the table? we respect all opinions.


                         BY MASTER S. ELFDILI

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  1. What people forget is that there is often a lot of muscle under the fat. Also, fatness is not necessarily a true indicator of fitness.Look at some of the soul/jazz singers who are/were large ladies and gentlemen but rock the house for a couple of hours, look at Sumo wrestlers etc.