Stretching exercises that will help you to improve your flexibility/Split

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                                              Credits to @monina

 Flexibility was and still a very important factor in most martial arts and it is of course very important in Taekwondo, especially that the Korean fighting style contains many kicking techniques that require a good amount of flexibility. and as we have mentioned in one of our articles, You do not need to be a gymnast to be good in Taekwondo.

No matter how effective the exercises are, the improvement secret is the continuity and repetition of the exercises, It is similar to the work you do with other Taekwondo techniques, The more you repeat the better you become, but you should not exhaust yourself.
The stretching exercises should be done few times a week in order to see better results, but you should avoid the stretching if you feel that your muscles are exhausted and if you think that you overstretched your muscles.
During the stretching, the student should be careful with the knees ligaments especially with the front split. 
When using the front split to stretch, the student should pay attention to the back leg Lateral Collateral Ligament, and the right thing to do is to lock the knee when stretching to avoid stretching the ligament.
Lateral Collateral Ligament is playing a major role to make the knee stable, this is why that ligament should be tight.
We came a small video that could help you to improve your flexibility, I am not saying that it will make you do the full split, because people are different, and not everyone's improvement is also different.
The good thing is that everyone will improve after practicing stretching exercises, but the bad thing is that not everyone would succeed to make the full split.
      Credits to @monina

Taekwondo does not need the full split, and all what you really need is to be able to use your kicks towards the head level without problems.
Let's watch the video :)