Amazing self defense between the world champion and former Germany team kyorugi coach Aziz Acharki and the world poomsae Champion Ky-Tu Dang

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Coach Aziz Acharki vs master Ky-Tu Dang
Hanbon kyorugi  or one step sparring is a good part in Taekwondo training, and it composed of one attack (ex: where the attacker perform a punch toward the head or trunk using the front stance Ap kubi)  and the other partner defends themselves by using any of the suitable  blocking techniques.
Hanbon kyorugi is a good way to teach the students how to apply blocking techniques that we practice in poomsae or in basic techniques training, and to understand when and how to apply them to defend ourselves.
hanbon Kyorugi is a basic training practiced in the dojang, and it is one of the important parts in the belt promotion tests, that evaluate the understanding of the Taekwondo techniques.

The blocking techniques used in one step sparring can be also used in a street self defense but in a different way, for example you can not force your self to be in  a specific position such as front stance Apkubi, but you have to position your self in the comfortable stance that helps you to react faster.
This is a nice self defense between former German Taekwondo coach Aziz Acharki with GM Ky Tu Dang 😁
Aziz Acharki (born 27 March 1972) is a Moroccan-born German Taekwondo practitioner. He competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics, and he fought against many high level athletes such Hadi Saei from Iran.
Aziz Acharki is a former German team coach and moved to train KSA couple of years ago.

He competed during the gold era of Taekwondo and got many European and world medals.
Ky Tu Dang is a former poomsae athlete and competed in the first world Taekwondo poomsae championships, and was one of the best performers is his category.
Master Ky Tu is known for his impressive flexibility and also sense of  humor.

Let's watch the video 👇👇


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