360 degree Taekwondo kick used in other martial arts (knockout)

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Taekwondo is known for its impressive and effective kicks, and 
360 degree kick is one of the most effective and powerful kicks in Taekwondo, and that technique of rotation makes it too strong.
They call it tornado kick which is a deserved name if it was mastered and performed correctly.
Speed and power are the main ingredients that makes kicks in general so powereful and the tornado kick is one of them.  

Adam Khaliev is one of the fighters who has used this kick perfectly in his fights. Even if he competed in Kudo and also Mixed martial arts competition, but we can see clearly that he was using Taekwondo kicks that we do not see in Karate or other styles.
We have searched for more info about Adam but we did not find a lot about him, and we only know that he is born in April 16, 1984 in chechenia in Russia.
He has a good mma record or 7 fights and he won all of them, but his last fight was in 2019, and probably he stopped competing due to some back injury.

In the first video we can see one of his knockouts.
Adam Khaliev in this fight performed a very powerful tornado kick to the head of his opponent and knocked him out.
lets watch.