Can we get the traditional Taekwondo back? The kukkiwon has some good plans. What do yiu think? Would it work?

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Recovery of Kukkiwon-Style Taekwondo (the authentic Taekwondo)

The WTA (World Taekwondo Academy) under the Kukkiwon will train the authentic Taekwondo. Therefore, it is preparing a new traditional Taekwondo program which will be consisted of Poomsae, Gyeorugi, Gyeokpa(breaking), Hosinsul(self-defense), the fundamental techniques(kicks, blocks, punches, and strikes), discipline, self-confidence, respect, etiquette, and justice.

Nowadays,  the function of martial arts Taekwondo is fading away but Taekwondo is only distorted and developed as a sport. Let all grand masters and masters should practice the traditional Taekwondo.


  1. My children attend a school that teaches the importance of TaeKwonDo as a way of life and not just a sport. Master Hart is passionate about the impact he makes with our children and how that takes effect in their lives. I agree that TKD should always be more than just sport!

  2. They should Join ITF If they really want to return to traditional Taekwon-Do

    1. Agree with that. ITF and WTF mast be one.