50 Taekwondo knockouts

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During the golden era of Taekwondo, the knockouts and knock downs were happening in Taekwondo championships including the national and the international events, and even after the introduction of protection gears such as the helmet, Taekwondo kyorugi was still tough and the gears were not stopping the knockouts to happen.
In this video you will see 50 knockouts and knock downs in different eras of Taekwondo, but most of them were in old eras of Taekwondo.
Most Taekwondo practitioners miss the old days of the Korean fighting style, and they wish to see a come back of the traditional martial art in competitions. It is a difficult thing of course, because these dramatic changes happened in many years and if we suggest there a will to bring back the traditional Taekwondo, it will require much efforts and also much time.
I personally do think that the World Taekwondo has already chosen the style they want to see in Championships, and they seem to be satisfied to see that soft version of Taekwondo.
Watch this collection of knockouts and tell us what do you think about it.
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