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Sharing videos about mixed sparring between different martial arts does not mean to compare between them, or decide which one of them is better, but to show how each martial artist can deal with a new situation, especially that every fighter would be fighting under different rules and against a different style.
Muay Thai is a very tough martial art founded in Thailand, and It is known as as the "art of eight limbs", fists, elbows, knees, knees.  
The Thailand fighting style is really useful in the streets and it is still a martial art than a sport. 
The competition in Taekwondo has become a pure sport, and we can see that in the world championships and the Olympics, even though we still can see the old style sometimes in the small tournaments or regional championships.
The good thing is that some schools around the world are still teaching the old traditional style of Taekwondo, and the training in those schools are focusing the traditional tough Korean style.
The change that happened to Taekwondo competition caused a split in Taekwondo community, and we can see that through the Facebook Taekwondo pages, there is a group of practitioners that prefer the old version of Taekwondo and another group that like that the new style that they call the Olympic Taekwondo.
In this fight, Taekwondo fighter finished his fight  by Knock out using a back kick ''Dwit Chagi'' (knock out).
It is true that the Muay Thai fighter is not  too strong and he was a big challenge for the Taekwondo athlete.