Highest Taekwondo Kick - Guinness World Record

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Pascal Gentil is a well respected Taekwondo fighter, born 15 May 1973 in France. He has a good record in Taekwondo international competitions, He won three gold medals and three silver medals in the European Championships, He also won two silver medals in the Olympic games in Sidney 2000 and  Athens 2004. 
6 months after his injury  (a rupture of the plantar aponeurosis), on 5 February 2009  and at the age of 36 years old, Pascal Gentil announced to the press that he would give up his sport career in taekwondo after the French Championships in Lyon on 7 February. In Lyon, he obtained his 14th French Champion title after defeating Mickaël Borot in the final.
Pacal Gentil was a gifted Taekwondo athlete, and because of his height that was 1,98 m, His opponents were having hard time when fighting him.
Pascal also had a very impressive flexibility which was helping him fight from a safe distance..
Height, flexibility, power and technique are a great combination that make any fighter very successful.
in 2005, pascal succeeded to break the world record in the highest jumping kick, which was over 2 meters and 66 cm (8.5 feet)