The development of Taekwondo

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Taekwondo Development 

   Taekwondo is a modern martial art that was founded in South
Korea. Some practitioners consider it as a sport instead
of a martial art. This topic has been discussed a lot between
martial artists and sometimes inside the members of Taekwondo
family its self. This debate may not have been existed if Taekwondo
kept the traditional practice as many martial arts.

The development of Taekwondo has changed many sides of this
discipline, and the new forms of sports that have been sandwiched
in the martial art, such as dance. with intention or without any
intention have changed the real image of Taekwondo.
these kind of changes would turn Taekwondo into a sport, and maybe
one day Taekwondo as a martial art would be seen as an old myth.
some schools are still keeping the tradition of Taekwondo, while
others are teaching a very modern style, empty of any martial art
essence, and filled by external exercises that have nothing to do with the real Taekwondo (dance, aerobics ...)
The new development was made in order to spread Taekwondo
and make it a global discipline, which make us think if the quality
or the quantity that matters more! well, if it is a business matter,
then the quality will not matter at all.

We do agree that some changes in Taekwondo made it more popular,and practiced by a huge population in the world,
Comparing to many other martial arts,Taekwondo could be seen
as one of the modern fighting disciplines that reached almost all
countries in the world, including the very poor cities and towns,
Besides, the South Korean  government has done a great job since
fifties until now, by sending Korean masters and Grand Masters
to many countries in the world in order to transmit the message
of Taekwondo to the world. therefore, this strategy has worked
so well, and nowadays everyone knows about Taekwondo.
In the other hand, we also should mention a positive step when
the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) formed the Para-Taekwondo Committee in 2005 in order to promote and develop Taekwondo to athletes of all disabilities.

In para Taekwondo, the poomsae and kyorugi competition divides
competitor into many classes based on the Disability of each athlete.
According to what we see in the history of this Korean martial art,
it seems that development is not going to stop at a certain stage,
and after each period of time we may see something new.

                                                                   by Master S.H.E