Thailand Poomsae Champion PICH-CHAPHA

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TKDKWAN: What is your name or nickname you prefer to use?
PICH: I'm PICH-CHAPHA TANAKITCHAROENPAT. My nickname is FAI but I actually like when people call me FRENCHFAI or PICHA.

TKDKWAN: Where do you come from?
PICH: Thailand

TKDKWAN: How old are you?
PICH: 23 years old

TKDKWAN: How old were you when you started Taekwondo?
PICH: I started when I was in grade 3, about 9 or 10 years old

TKDKWAN: How old you were when you got your first Dan?
PICH: I got my 1st Dan about 12 years old.

TKDKWAN: Thailand is the land of Muay Thai, have you ever practiced this form of martial arts?
PICH: Yeah, but just when it was in a program in my PE class on high school.

TKDKWAN: What are your awards and participations (national and international ones)?
PICH: It is actually many but the one I'm proud of most is The bronze medal from 6th World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships 2011 in Vlasdivostok, Russia because it was the first medal from World class competition ever for Thai team.

TKDKWAN: Do you practice any other disciplines or sports?
PICH: I play Piano and once try golf and tennis but both of them are  not my way :)

TKDKWAN: What is your weight and height?
PICH: 43 kg. 155 cm.

TKDKWAN: Who influenced you most in martial arts?
PICH: "Charlie's Angels"... yea it's a movie but it's my first inspiration for doing taekwondo.

TKDKWAN: Is there any favorite training for you?
PICH: Just stretching and balancing and muscles training because it is the most important thing in Poomsae

TKDKWAN: Lately you have had a role in a Thailand movie; tell us about this experience and about your role.
PICH: Its name is "King Naraesuan 6", It is a new great experience I had and really out of the box. I have seen many new things, have worked like all actors do, have seen how filming life is and I’m so proud to be in this movie though I’m not that important main character ^^


TKDKWAN: Any dreams that you can share with us?
PICH: My biggest dream is to sing The Thai National Anthem on the podium and yea, it came true since last year in The ASEAN University Games 2014 but my dream is not only in ASEAN competition :)

On behalf of, we thank you so much for this opportunity to know more about you.

Prepared by master S.E.H