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Aaron cook changed the nationality again!
In 2012 Cook was disappointed because he was not chosen to present his country in London Olympics, and Muhammad Lutalo participated instead of him and luckily he got a medal J

After the Olympics, Aaron represented the Isle of the man (under 80 kg) in many events, but the fact that he will not get the chance to get to the Olympics was a new issue in front of his Taekwondo plans, therefore, Cook finally found a country that opened its doors to him, which is the first step to make his dream come true in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Aaron Cook changed his nationality from the Isle of the Man to Moldova.
Moldova, also known as Moldavia is a central European country between Ukraine and Romania. Its estimate Population in 2014 is about 2,913,281.

Moldova Flag

Good luck (y)
Prepared by Master S.E.H