Taekwondo training mistakes

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        Most of martial arts including Taekwondo were founded for self-defense purposes and not for demonstration objectives.
The Korean fighting discipline is known for its revolutionary and impressive kicking techniques, unfortunately some training methods empty Taekwondo of its effective content, and make it almost useless.
  If you are attending taekwondo training to learn more self-defense techniques or learn how to spar, you have to know about few common mistakes so that you can avoid them.
1- The habit of kicking and punching in the air instead of touching your opponent (new students are not included)
some schools exaggerate when it is a matter of safety, so kyorugi becomes as a game of throwing kicks and punches in the air, and no touch (even light) is allowed.
Let’s be clear, safety is very important, but it should not be an obstacle against learning, and safety and protection accessories were invented to minimize the effect of any kick or punch.
2- Being hit is a red line
Some trainee prefer not to be hit all during sparring, which is not a normal thing in a fighting art. if you do not know how it feels to be hit then you will never understand what kicks are for, we do not mean that you have to expose your self as a target, but the fact that you spar means that you will not be able to avoid 100% of your opponent's kicks.
3- Very high kicks
it is good to be able to have a good flexibility and throw high kicks, but the trainee -when sparring- should not kick so high and pass the target (head), and the student should be more real.
4- Celebration when sparing
When scoring a point stay focused and ready for what is coming instead of enjoying the moment .
5- Guard down
Never put your guard down because you should protect your upper body especially your head.
6- Too much politeness
You do not have to apologize if you accidentally hit your opponent, and this should be a lesson for your partner to pay more attention.
7- Being too confident about the safety equipment
wearing a chest protector, a head gear, or arm gear does not mean that you do not have to protect those parts. Taekwondo kicks are so powerful and could even cause a fracture in bones.
8- Hitting low level
In Taekwondo it is not allowed to kick under the belt level (Arae)
9- Always using the same technique
Do not use the same technique if it gets blocked many times, it means that it lost its effectiveness, and instead of it pick another one (If you had a good coach then it would his/her mission too)
10- Hesitation
Once you see an open target on your opponent, you should take the decision to attack because you may not be able to get another opportunity like that again.
11- Falling the wrong way
When doing sparring it sometimes happen that we fall when losing balance, and we should use a good technique to fall, to avoid any injury.
12- Always kicking and punching the air
We all know that the basic training can be done without having any target like pads, and it is a basic way to improve our techniques, but this kind of training will not permit for you to know what the real impact is, and the practitioner should work on kicking and punching the pad and the bag, and sometimes do some friendly sparring.
13- Not using weight training
Besides your hard work in your dojang, your training program should include resistance training so that you can increase explosiveness, speed and strength)

                                            By Master S.E.H


  1. 14- Not looking always at the opponent eyes

  2. 6- Guard down

    The most common mistake

  3. It is the mistake of the player not the art itself. Taekwondo releases the a vast amount of power mostly when sandbags are present. In realization of kicking so high are for tall opponents. Kicking and punching on air is a conduct of visualization, imagining on how to hit an opponent or how to deliver the techniques you have learned. Elbows and knees even palms and fingers are included mostly when it comes to a street fight even submission is allowed. In conclusion, the things applied in a taekwondo match are exempted when you are in a real street fight. Weights are also included when necessary to increase power in delivering blows. And mastering other forms of martial arts that include weapons are added to enhance the capabilities of the art.

  4. "If you want to learn to swim, you have to jump into the water. On dry land no frame of mind is ever going to help you" Bruce Lee

  5. Taekwondo is not only a combat sport. Many Schools are focused only on the "Olympic view". This is wrong because the 90% of discipline is lost. if taekwondo is practicated like a combat sport, this Amazing art will be forget in its real within outside of Korea. It's not MMA, it's not fighting for fighting. Taekwondo is deep and still real.

  6. Looking at Poomsae it is very good to make very high kicks. That's the art of TKD. Don't just look at kyorugi. TKD is more then that, Poomsae, kyorugi, hosinsul...

    1. Depends on your intentions for doing what ever form you are doing. Are you doing it to show flexibility and ability to kick very high, or are you doing it to show accurate defense/self-defence/attack-counterattack techniques in any given situation where your opponent/attacker isn't 8 ft. tall.

  7. The girl like Ju Jing Yi (Chinese actress)?