Himchari Poomsae - This is a new Taekwondo Poomsae and it will be applied for competition in 2018 for age under 18

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This poomsae is not easy at all,and it seems that the reason behind creating it is to limit the number of competitors. but for sure this will attract more audience :)
The nightmare would happen if they think to apply it in promotion tests, only few will be black belts :) ;)


  1. why make a poomsae that no old master will be able to do. why are all the front kicks and round kicks used with only the instep? If you wanted to unify tae kwon do this is not a form that other kwans would want to adopt.

  2. It's getting more ridiculous now with all these moves.. Karate Kata still nice to see with the solid stances and punches.. This new poomsae is more like K-Pop...
    Even the new generation of kyorugi is like tap dancing.. Those days a solid kick only earns a point in a tournament.. now a days, in a single round you can score up to 20 to 30 points

  3. Wow the back ground music so chic and the beat match. I‘d love to have music in exam.

  4. Definitely hated this poomsae....
    U get lost during the performance...

  5. So who is going to teach this to the students such that there is fairness in the competition between international competitors? I cannot find any technical description for each step, and to learn from a video in this day and age is not acceptable.