Grand master Se-Hyuk Kim, The Legend

Grand Master Kim is a legendary figure in the world of Taekwondo, known for his expertise in the modern kicking mechanism that has been a pivotal part of the sport since the transition from bamboo dungarees to padded dungarees. He was involved in the development of diagonal kicks (Big chagui) and its technical variants, such as double, triple, mondolios, and 360 kicks, which added spectacularity and strength to Taekwondo combat.

For Grand Master Kim, Taekwondo is not just a combat sport but also a martial art that embodies both confrontation and respect. He believes that through martial arts training, humans learn essential skills for survival and cultivate the values necessary to live as true human beings.

When asked about the significance of Taekwondo in his life, Grand Master Kim expressed that it is everything to him. He fondly reminisced about special moments in his career, such as winning difficult fights at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Grand Master Kim also highlighted some of his most outstanding students, including Olympic gold winners like Ha Tae Kyoung, Kwon Bongkwon Park, and Myeongsam Jang. He emphasized the importance of efficient kicks like Dolguechagui (360) and shared his passion for developing Poomsaes and maintaining self-defense education.

Reflecting on his journey as an athlete and coach, Grand Master Kim mentioned pivotal moments like winning the MVP in the Korean Republic President's Cup and coaching future champions at Dongseong High School. He also expressed his desire to see Taekwondo evolve and return to its essence by making necessary adjustments to the current competition rules.

Regarding General Choi Hong Hi, Grand Master Kim expressed admiration for his contributions to Taekwondo but disagreed with the notion that he was the founder of the sport. He also highlighted the importance of discipline in Taekwondo and expressed his hopes for the future of the martial art.

In closing, Grand Master Kim expressed gratitude for the interview and highlighted the international colleague Philippe Pinerd, whom he considers a world-class teacher and a successful coach with a shared passion for authentic Taekwondo. He encouraged the global Taekwondo community to support Pinerd in his efforts to promote the sport.