Scandalous MMA fight: Man DESTROYS 2 Women At Once In Mixed MMA Fight

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The growth and professionalization of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is evident worldwide, but it is not without its controversies. A recent video has surfaced of an unconventional MMA fight in Romania that has caused a stir internationally. The fight, organized by RXF (Real Xtreme Fighting), pitted two women influencers, Bettyshor and Roxana Tutu, against a male fighter known as "The pervert from Targu Ocna." This fight was not official and only lasted one round due to the clear physical and strength disparity between the man and the two women.
The video of this fight has sparked outrage and disbelief as many question the ethics and safety of such a mismatched competition. While MMA is a popular and respected sport, events like this one raise concerns about the boundaries and regulations within the industry. The participants, particularly the women, have faced backlash for their involvement in this controversial fight. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for strict guidelines and oversight in MMA to ensure the safety and fairness of all competitors.

Although it had a presentation, weigh-in and entry as if it were a real fight, it did not have any type of certification and the videos went viral due to the unusual nature of the situation. Quickly, various videos went viral showing that there is no equivalence between the fighters: the man even dealt very strong blows to the 

In Romania, it is illegal and unethical for a man to fight two women in a mixed martial arts competition. This goes against the principles of fair competition and poses a significant risk to the safety and well-being of the female fighters. But the event really happened in Romania, and this big male destroyed these two ladies, this event shocked many people and it is trending now.
MMA fights are typically regulated by governing bodies that have strict rules and regulations in place to ensure a level playing field and to protect the health and safety of the fighters. Allowing a man to fight two women would violate these rules and put the fighters at a serious disadvantage.
It is important to respect the integrity of the sport and the physical capabilities of each fighter, regardless of their gender. Any attempt to organize such a fight would likely face backlash from the MMA community and result in legal consequences.