Taekwondo Novice Suffers Injuries Following Coach's Arrangement of Sparring Match with Black Belt

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A 17-year-old yellow belter in taekwondo found herself in a harrowing situation when her coach set her up to spar with a taller and heavier male black belt. The incident, which occurred in February, resulted in the young girl sustaining bruises under her eye and a swollen face, leading to a hospital confinement for treatment.

In an interview, the victim expressed her struggles in dealing with the aftermath of the sparring session, stating, "I find it difficult to stand up sometimes because of my injuries. I cannot go to school. I wanted to say something during the sparring session but I felt weak." The disparity in size and skill level between the two opponents made it nearly impossible for her to defend herself effectively, leading to severe physical harm.

A yellow belt in taekwondo signifies a beginner level, while a black belt denotes a high level of proficiency in the martial art. The victim's family suspects that the coach intentionally arranged the lopsided sparring session out of jealousy, as they believe he harbored romantic feelings towards the young girl. Allegations of inappropriate behavior, such as hugs and advances, further supported their theory.

The emotional and physical toll on the victim has been significant, with reports of her experiencing mental and physical distress, such as sudden falls while awake and the need for an MRI to assess her condition. In response to the incident, charges have been filed against the coach for violating child protection laws, specifically Republic Act No. 7610, which safeguards children against abuse, exploitation, and discrimination.

Following the legal actions taken, the JILCF management has initiated an investigation into the matter. As a precautionary measure, they have suspended the taekwondo team's training sessions, including all involved coaches, to prevent any further incidents of such nature. The well-being and safety of their members remain a top priority for the organization as they work towards addressing and rectifying the situation at hand.


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  2. After series of investigation - the parents of the yellowbelter assumed only that there was a foul play- BUT BASED ON FAIR AND HONEST INVESTIGATION OF PROPER AUTHORITY It proved that it was really an accident.