Two African boys using sandals as pads

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Not many people know or realize how lucky they are, Most people are always looking up to those who are much better than them, but have you ever thought about those have less than you or sometimes have nothing?

Africa, the richest country with poor people is the best example to see the lack of everything, It is very rich country by its huge resources, but due to many factors we can say that Africa is poor.

Watching one of the videos got my attention and and thought to share it with you.

It is about two young lovely African kids practicing martial arts together, one is holding the kicking pads and the other one was kicking and punching. was he really holding pads? The answer is No, He was using his sandals as pads and giving instructions to the other boy to kick and punch.

Most of you have clean mats, good brands of uniforms, dojangs with AC, clean pads... but you still complain, just imagine your self in the situation of these two kids, as a guess you will not practice martial arts.

I do believe that willing to get something will get you there, and I can imagine that these kids may be one day on TV fighting somewhere. why do  say that? Simple because sponsors look for monsters and strong fighters especially for the MMA competition.

This reminds me of Francis Nganno from Cameroun who went from a homeless young boy to one of the elite MMA fighters with a good ranking in the competition,

The lesson for all of us is to never give up, in martial arts or in any part of life, keep fighting and one day you will reach your goals and objectives.

Here is the video of the two kids, feel free to share your thoughts with us.