Sammo Hung talking about Bruce Lee in 2023

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Sammo Hung (Actor, Martial Artist, Film Producer & Director) opened up about his close friendship with Bruce Lee, as well as an iconic encounter where they had a brief but memorable interaction of martial arts. The interview, conducted in 2023 after the Asian Film Awards, shed light on their relationship and the impact of Bruce Lee on his life.

The interview began with an introduction to Sammo Hung, a prominent figure in the Hong Kong film industry. The interviewer highlighted his accomplishments, including spearheading the new wave movement in the 1980s and reinventing martial arts cinema with comedic elements, alongside Jackie Chan.

Sammo was asked about his admiration for Bruce Lee, acknowledging the iconic martial artist as his childhood idol. Despite being twelve years younger than Bruce, Sammo expressed the profound respect he held for his revered friend. He addressed Bruce as one of the most influential and respected individuals in his life.

When questioned about whether he had ever defeated Bruce Lee, Sammo dismissed the idea entirely, emphasizing his unwavering admiration and acknowledging that he was no match for Bruce Lee's Kung Fu skills.

The interview then delved into a defining moment in Sammo's life – a real fight with Bruce Lee. He recounted an incident at the Golden Harvest studio where Bruce visited while Sammo was filming a movie. Sammo's innocent inquiry about Bruce's martial arts prowess led to an impromptu test of their skills, with Bruce effortlessly showcasing his agility and talent, leaving Sammo in awe.

Despite the intense encounter, the two martial artists developed a deep friendship, with Bruce frequently visiting Sammo on set and even inviting him to view his custom-made weapons.

As the interview drew to a close, Sammo addressed misconceptions about his nickname "Dai Gor Dai" (Big Brother) and clarified that it did not originate from Jackie Chan, stating that the true source of the name remained unknown to him.

Overall, the exchange not only shared an insight into the unique bond between Sammo Hung and Bruce Lee, but also underlined the lasting impact that Bruce's legacy had on the film industry. Sammo's revelations provided an intimate glimpse into their friendship and the profound influence that Bruce Lee had on his life and career.