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 Xiaonan landed a stunning headkick, leaving Kowalkiewicz with little to smile about as her agony was perfectly captured in pictures. The 30-year-old Chinese star dominated the fight, winning both striking exchanges and grappling battles. Xiaonan expressed her pride in the victory and happiness with her performance, stating she was happy to have made everyone proud.   Weili Zhang was the first UFC champion from China and dethroned Jessica Andrade for the strawweight title. In another battle between Poland and China, former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk will challenge Zhang for the belt at UFC 248 on March 7.The side kick can be a very effective technique in MMA when executed properly. It can be used to create distance from an opponent, disrupt their balance, or deliver a powerful strike to the body or head. It can also be effective in counter-attacks and defensive situations.    However, like any technique, its effectiveness depends on the skill and timing of the fighter using it.
Sidekick can cause a variety of damages to the face, including:
1. Bruising: A strong sidekick to the face can cause bruising due to the impact of the kick.
2. Swelling: The force of a sidekick to the face can lead to swelling, particularly around the eyes and cheeks.
3. Broken bones: A powerful sidekick can potentially break bones in the face, such as the nose, cheekbones, or jaw.
4. Soft tissue damage: The impact of a sidekick can cause damage to the soft tissues of the face, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
5. Dental damage: A sidekick to the face can cause damage to the teeth and gums, potentially leading to chipped or broken teeth, and injuries to the oral cavity.
6. Concussion: A forceful sidekick to the head can cause a concussion, leading to symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and confusion.
It's important to note that any type of physical altercation, including the use of a sidekick, can result in serious harm, and should be avoided whenever possible.

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