Synthol biceps in Power slap knock down

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      A power slap competition is a contest in which participants take turns slapping each other on the face with as much force as possible. The goal is to deliver the most powerful slap and potentially knock out your opponent. The competitors usually take turns receiving the slap, and judges may be present to determine the winner based on criteria such as the force of the slap, technique, and the reaction of the opponent. However, it's important to note that power slap competitions can be dangerous and cause serious injuries, including concussions and facial fractures. It is not a recommended or safe activity.


Power Slap, which has been licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, uses rules similar to those established by other slap fighting leagues. After a coin toss to decide who goes first, the first striker has a time limit of 60 seconds to deliver an open-handed slap to the opponent. Slaps must be below the eye but above the chin, without leading with the palm such that all hand to face contact takes place at the same time. Those being slapped may not flinch, raise their shoulder or tuck in their chins.

After being slapped, the slapped competitor then has 60 seconds to recover and get back into position before it's their turn to slap. Fights which don't end in a knock out and go three rounds go to the judges' decision, using a 10-point system with judging based on slap strikers' effectiveness as well as the slap receivers' reaction and recovery time.

Fighters are separated into different weight and gender divisions similar to other combat sports.

Criticism and health risks

Concerning the health of the participants and the inherent danger of the new sport. Neuroscientist, chronic traumatic encephalopathy researcher, and former professional wrestler Christopher Nowinski observed one of the show's participants displaying the fencing response after being struck, indicating serious brain injury. Greek neurologist Nikolas Evangelou called the show a "recipe for disaster" due to how "impact to the head, from an angle, can cause rotational forces on the brain", leading to "hopefully temporary, but sometimes permanent disruption to brain function" and "even more serious complications

After trying to fight in two MMA organized fights, our Synthol Russian man is trying the power slap competition and it seems it did not go well for him too, and by facing one of the powerful men in this contest, his competition stopped after the first slap he received, which knocked him down.