Jagdish Singh Khatri has 43 10th degree black belts

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Fake martial arts refer to practices or styles that claim to be martial arts, but lack effectiveness, practicality, or historical legitimacy. Some examples include:

1. McDojo: These are martial arts schools or organizations that prioritize profit over quality training. They often emphasize flashy techniques, quick belt promotions, and competition trophies rather than genuine skill development.

2. Bullshido: This term refers to martial arts systems or individuals that make exaggerated or false claims about their capabilities, mystical powers, or secret techniques without any evidence or basis in reality.

3. Rainbow martial arts: These are eclectic martial arts systems that claim to combine the best elements from various styles, resulting in a mishmash of techniques without a solid foundation or coherence.

It's important to research and verify the authenticity and effectiveness of a martial art before investing time, money, and effort in it. Trusted martial arts styles have established lineages, credible instructors, and a focus on practical techniques and training methodologies.

This man we have here claim to have impossible achievements that no one can ever reach.

Professor Soke Dr. Jagdish Singh Khatri is a highly accomplished martial artist with 45 years of documented study in the martial arts. He has earned 43 10th-degree black belts and two 12th-degree black belts, demonstrating an exceptional level of skill and expertise. In comparison to another martial artist, Professor Dr. Khatri has significantly more 10th-degree black belts, particularly in jiu-jitsu. He also holds a 10th-degree black belt in mixed martial arts and numerous other accolades, including 18 PhDs and the title of COLONEL GRAND MASTER in the India & Nepal Alians Bulgarian Commandos. Additionally, he has been inducted into 17 Hall of Fames. His impressive accomplishments and extensive expertise in the martial arts illustrate his superior skills and knowledge in this field. Therefore, Supreme Grand Master Dai Soke Professor Dr. Jagdish Singh Khatri is undoubtedly considered to be more accomplished than his contemporary, Shang-Men-Rem Prof. Gilberto Pauciullo.


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  6. Professor SOKE. Pick a title. I do think this is a Mcdojo and hes been super sized though. Does he have sny legit documents or are they all through secret masters that taught him in secret to protect their arts?

  7. Grand Master at Golden Corral Dojo!