The Iranian Hulk vs Martyn Ford Face off was a complete shame

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Update through Martyn's IG👇

 It's been few months now since we have heard about the fight that will happen in UK between the Iranian Hulk and Martyn Ford.

Honestly, I personally did not believe this fight is going to happen because it looked like a social media tornado, but we can see that the face off took place, and it was ugly a bit and shameful for the Iranian Hulk who looked nothing like his adobe pictures. The Iranian guy was posting pictures on social media where he looked so huge and big, and it is where he got that nickname of the Hulk.

I do remember that one famous fitness and bodybuilding YouTuber from Canada was behind his fame when he posted few videos about him and created that image about him.. The man who made him well known was Lui Marco, and he said that he regretted doing that.

Let's introduce the two guys first :)

We will start by the Iranian Hulk because there is nothing to say about him except that he built a frame as a fighter on the social media with nothing to tell in real life.

His name is Sajad Gharibi, He is about 30 years old and born in Iran, and when we check information online about him we see that he did bodybuilding, but his physique does not say that he was a real bodybuilder.

In the other hand Martyn Ford is a very successful actor from United Kingdom and had very leading roles and martial arts movies.

He has a great background in fitness industry and he is a social media influencer and also trainer. 

He is about 40 years now and in a great shape, tall and heavy.

The Face Off just revealed the reality about what they call the Iranian Hulk :)

Martyn Ford pushed him and the fake Hulk fell down which made him look like a joke, later he tried to some revenge by pushing Martyn but it did not work and it looked like he was pushing a wall and Martyn threw him to the ground for the second time.

The fight between Martyn Ford and Sajad Gharibi will be held April 2, 2022.

The Iranian Hulk will be damaged if he fought Martyn Ford, that is my  opinion :)

What do you guys think about this fight?



  1. this is so bad , he should never have photoshoped his fotoz

  2. He would have been beaten to death in 60 secs 😅