Fix your back pain (Therapy)

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Some of Taekwondo practitioners may suffer from back pain especially the older generation of masters and grand masters who spent many years in their life kicking, punching and falling.

The continuous training and sometimes the terrible condition worsen the situation of injuries, and we know that the old taekwondo generation did not train on mat as we do nowadays, some trained on concrete cement and other on wood (wood that was not made the right way).
Also normal people who do not practice Taekwondo can suffer from the back pain in general, and lazy life or nowadays life style can cause that pain.
Fortunately there is always a lot of exercises to fix back issues, and the solutions always better be in the early period of injury, and if the treatment does not heal you 100%, but it would be helpful to make you feel better.
- Lay on your back and bend your knees, lift your hips until your knees, hips and shoulders get on a straight line then slowly go back down . repeat the exercise 10 times.

- Keep one knee bent, and take one and pull it towards your chest and hold it for 30 seconds, then put it back, and do the same thing for your other leg. you can do three times for each knee.

- Take both your bent knees and pull them up towards your chest and hold them for 30 seconds.

- With your knees bent, rotate the trunk to one side, that would help you to relax and  loosen your spine a bit, while rotating your trunk try to keep your shoulders on the floor, keep the position for five seconds then do the other side. you can do three times for each.
We have found a video on YouTube that demonstrate those exercises, and we hope they would be helpful.
Be healthy everyone and wishing you healthy life :)