The fastest UFC knockout in the history

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The mixed martial arts competition in maybe the only combat style where we can see a lot of knockouts and knock downs and sometimes the submissions. The mma fights have less rules compared to other styles such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kick Boxing etc...

Less rules and more allowed attacking techniques make the mixed martial arts tougher than other styles, and sometimes even dangerous, because most fighters have one goal in mind when they step at the octagon which is to knockout the opponent or make them tap or submit.

The Mma competition is not limited to a certain style, but it is open to all martial artists and to anyone who can really fight. 

We are talking a lot about about this competition because or many Taekwondo athletes are also interested in it, and many are moving to this style of competition.

About couple of weeks ago, there was a new record in women boxing when Seniesa Estrada knocked out her opponent Miranda Adkins in only 7 seconds.

Today's article would be about the Mma male fastest record in UFC competition.

Jorge Masvidal made history by knocking out his opponent Ben Askren in only 5 seconds, while the previous fastest UFC knock out was held by Duana Ludwing in 6 seconds.

Jorge executed a jumping knee that hit Ben's head and knocked him out.

Jorge Masvidal an American mixed martial artist who was born in 1984, 

and has a very respected Mma record of 49 fights (35 wins including 16 knockouts, 2 submissions, and 17 by dicision/ 14 losses (1 by knockout, 2 by submission, and 11 by decision)

Ben Askren is also American and was born in 1894, and had a respected record in Mma competition. 

He did 22 fights (19 wins including 6 knockouts, 6 by submission, 7 by decision/ 2 losses (one by knockout and one by submission).

This fight was held July 6, 2019 in Las Vegas, USA