Taekwondo vs Muay Thai Underground Street Fight Knock out

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We have posted fights before about Taekwondo 
against Muay Thai, but all of them were in 
the ring, but this underground fight here is 
done in the street.
The tension in the beginning of this fight can 
give you a feeling that the fight is going to end 
up by a knock out.
Both athletes are good and we can see that through 
their techniques, the Taekwondo fighter is using 
well his kicks but maybe not too effective to cause 

a knock down or knock out.
The Muay Thai fighter was there waiting for 
the right opportunity, and when he got it he 
just knocked his opponent out -_-
What is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is referred to as the "art of
eight limbs" or the "science of eight limbs",
because it makes use of punches, kicks,

elbow and knee strikes, thus using eight

"points of contact", as opposed to "two
points" (fists) in boxing and "four points"
(hands and feet) used in other more regulated
combat sports, such as kickboxing and savate.
A practitioner of muay Thai is known as
a nak muay. Western practitioners are
sometimes called nak muay farang,
meaning 'foreign boxer'.

Lets watch the video and let us know what do you think about it.


  1. Teakwondo is a soft style, good for teaching speed and accuracy. I have a friend that was at the time a 2nd Degree back belt and an Olympic hopeful, she got into a fight with two female street fighters and they cleaned her clock. I practice KaJuKenBo, a hard style out of Hawaii. When we did open tournaments in Europe, Teakwondo practitioners would forfeit instead of fighting us. We had one female that a Teakwondo guy drew a fight with her and decided he would take it instead of bowing out. How bad could it be fighting a female right? She was disqualified for being to violent when she beat him into a bloody pulp... LOL... How do you get disqualified during an open tournament when you are not violating rules? No eye gouging, no groin kicks... SMH

  2. I am a teakwondo man and I think it's better to learn all styles.

  3. When in real fights, you don't throw spinning back kick at that distance, especially when you are in a street fight where hands are also part of the game. Kicking alone without punches will give you a huge disadvantage when fighting fighters who are skilled both in hands and in fight. Taekwondo guys could have won if his kicks were fast and accurate. I found his kick so slow and inaccurate that's why he lose.

  4. he is a kick boxer, not Muay thai. A Muay thai will use front kick to kick the opponent's knee to stop opponent from getting away. A Muay thai will use a harder round house kick from his right leg to destroy, not his front left leg. A Muay thai will not use his arm muscle to block a kick to his head, he will use his fore arm's bone to block :)

  5. How can that guy be black belt in Taekwondo? He is terrible. Yellow or green belt max. The winner is not a Muay Thai as somebody pointed that out already.

  6. Ive practiced both martial arts. Im far from an expert. But TKD guy is sparring like he's at the Olympics. TKD ppl would donstreet right much differently. Muay Thai guy - he executes some MT moves but something seems like it is not his main style. Regardless, i would rarely put my bet on TKD. Beautiful art, not super effective against other martial arts.