It's been about a year since the Kukkiwon created 14 new poomsaes?

4:13:00 PM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

It s been about eleven months since they
 created the new 14 taekwondo poomsaes, 
but since that time we have not heard 
anything if they were approved or not. 
They claimed that the poomsaes were 
waiting for the approval, and they 
demonstrated them in public (we have 
them in videos)
were they already forgotten or did not get 
the approval? Why the Kukkiwon did not 
publish they last decision about them?

Do we need new poomsaes? Why Taekwondo 
leaders insist to get rid of the traditional 
techniques while other martial arts like 
Karate keep their tradition and they do 
not touch it?