He could be the most hated fighter in China

9:31:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

This is maybe the most hated Chinese 
fighter in China because he is exposing 
other Chinese masters.

He challenged some traditional Chinese 
martial arts and did beat few masters under 
MMA rules.
China is a bit upset that this man is attacking 
the Chinese culture but beating masters there, 
He also want to prove that MMA is better than 
other martial art, which means that styles such 
Wing Chun, Tai Chi... are fake and can not safe 
you in a real fight. 
So imagine that you were learning Tai Chi under 
a great master, and this young man beats your 
master, how would you feel about your art that 
you think it is the best ever?

Simply people will stop believing in their martial arts.