Ban Ki-moon is a Taekwondo 10th Dan

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In June 2013, The UN former secretary 
General of the United Nations (UN)  Ban Ki-moon was awarded a Taekwondo 10th Dan without moving a muscle,without a sweat drop, which is against the rules of Taekwondo or any other martial art. 

Besides that, Ban had no time for any hobbies, which means that he was ao far away from any type of sports. 
The 9th Dan can be achieved after a long journey of practice, injuries, pain, sacrifice and sweat, but the 10 Dan is a very high rank that is given to grand masters who did something big to Taekwondo. 

The South Korean leader Ban has received an honorary 10th degree black belt from the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), which honors influential people for their significant contributions to the sport and to society in general.
WTF’s President Choue presented the honor to Ban in New York City during the third International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development at the U.N. headquarters:
We really do not exactly what Ban did exactly to Taekwondo to influence people 🤔
Some would say that is only a honorary certificate, but the truth is that we can not do compliments by such high level certificates as a 10th Dan, knowing that martial artists can spend all their life kicking and punching without reaching a 7th  or 8th Dan

This video is talking a bit about awarding Ban the 10th Dan 


  1. I personally think that Honorary Black belt is fair enough, definitely not the 10th Dan. I’ve been giving out to many local politicians to spread and promote the Art of Taekwondo to locally and worldwide in my 41 years in United States.

  2. It is just an Honorary Black Belt. Not a Master Black Belt. It is same Honorary Colonel or other officer ranks in the military. It is not the same as Commission Officer. This award is given due to his recognition as former UN Secretary General and being a South Korean given an important post. Read between the lines. Personally I don't see any wrong with that. Don't judge a book by it's cover!!!!

  3. Nearly 10 years ago Pope Franziskus was awarded 10th Dan by the WTF