Why the Kukkiwon replaced Palgwe poomsae by Yugupja Taegeuk Poomsae

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Palgwe Il Jang is one the poomsaes that only the old Taekwondo generation know, and if you ask students who started Taekwondo in this century about them you would notice that they have no idea about the name, except is there are grand masters or masters mentioning them or sometimes teaching them. 
Palgwe 1 poomsae are different than Taegeug 1 poomsae. 
Example of differences :

The stances in Palgwe 1 are Ap Kubi (front stance) and Dwit Kubi (back stance). 

The stances in Taegeuk 1 are Ap seogi (walking stance) and Ap kubi (front Stance). 


  1. Ap Kubi is not open stance. Naranhi seogi is open stance. Ap Kubi is front stance, more correctly bent knee front stance.

    1. GM Giamo is correct. Sometimes Apseogi is called a "walking stance," and Apkubi is called a "Lunging stance." However, GM Giamo is correct about the translation of Apkubi--"front leg bent." Likewise, Dwitkubi is "rear leg bent," not back stance.

  2. Taeguk forms use to not have a "walking stance" that just came about in the past 10 years or so and the front stance was taught differently than it is now. The front stance they use now is a lot more narrow than it use to be.