Karate Kata will be Olympic next year but not Poomsae

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Why would Karate kata (Form) be in Tokyo Olympic games 2020?

Both of Karate kumite (sparring) and Kata (Forms) wi be present in the next Tokyo Olympic games 2020 for the first time, with some news that it will be the first and last ( We will see).
Let's talk about the Karate Kata briefly.
Kata were founded and developed by GM Gichin Funakoshi and his son during the early 19th Century (26 Katas).
Kata is one of the traditional aspects of Japanese Karate, and to be honnest it us amazing to watch them.
Our questions are:
1 - Why won't Taekwondo poomsaes be present in Tokyo 2020?
2 - Did the WT and Kukkiwon doany efforts to take poomsae to Olympics?
3 - Is there any missing part that would make poomsae eligible to be Olympic?
4 - Are the world Taekwondo poomsae championships attracting a lot of people or not?
5 - Did choosing Karate sparring and Kata was because Olympic games will be held in Japan (Birth land of Karate)?
 These are few questions that needs answers 🤷‍♂️
We just wish the best to the future of our Taekwondo 🙏

Here is a good example of Karate Kata.

                          Let's watch 👇

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions 🙏