Fake Taekwondo master

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The picture from YouTube 
The circle on belly part specifies the area of internal energy centers 😬

We have seen a lot of fake masters lately in martial arts.
This Taekwondo master here is trying to convince us that he use some magical energy, not sure if it is the internal energy or the universe energy, this is reminding us if cartoon movies.
Let's go back to this great master who can control his energy only by saying a word.
They say that words can influence people, but we did not hear that words can do this magic here 😁😁

Enough of joking 🤣
In martial arts, talking about internal energy is a big topic, and most martial artists will never know it or control it.
Shaolin monks for example are well-known for their abilities to control their internal energy, therefore, we can see them doing impossible things. But monks do not get that easily, they put their bodies under terrible trainings that seems for many people as torture, and we can see the high level of their fitness and iron bodies they have..
We should go back now to our master here.

                 Let's just watch this👇

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  1. What's with the hard breathing after just 2 minutes of demostration? Stop smoking cigarettes, man!