New Uniform for Tokyo Olympic games 2020

10:08:00 AM Tkd kwan 8 Comments

We found out about this thing and thought to share it with you. It is about the new athlete uniform to be used in Tokyo Olympic games 2020.

Right now we can not see anything official in the WT website, but still things are getting serious and close to happen, and it seems that the WT decided to apobt this thing as an official uniform for the athletes. 

The  WT  is making too many changes in Taekwondo especially in kyorugi rules, and did many attempts to change the traditional Taekwondo uniform.

We honnestly do not have any idea why would the World Taekwondo Federation do all those changes. We are already very big as a martial arts community (over 10,000,000 black belts and millions of other color belts) , which means that the reason behind this is not to expand Taekwondo practice in the world.

As we can see in this unform, it is highlighting the fighters body especially the lower part.

Some would love it and we do respect their opinions, while others would dislike it for many reasons (tradition matter).

Do you think WT would kill Taekwondo tradition? 🤷‍♂️


  1. To me it looks like they want the tight bottoms but are worried about showing the competitor's bottom etc, so they add a long jacket.

  2. That's just like a ballet costume ��#lol

  3. old fashion dobok still the best :-)

  4. It will not be welcome by Muslim (and other) athletes who prefer the lose, traditional, Dobok that is not so figure hugging. The thin, loose, stretchy materials that are already available, are so much more comfortable, and cool in hot climates. Just a new money-spinning idea. They'll end up looking like gymnasts soon (and doing gymnastics by the look of recent developments...) ��

    1. good thing nobody cares about muslims

  5. What a silly uniform of taekwondo.

  6. More like a set of PJ's I won't be buying one EVER