A Green belt beating a Black belt 🤔

12:32:00 AM Tkd kwan 9 Comments

There are many things to say about this Taekwondo fight. One athlete is a '' black belt'' and the other one is a green belt. 

According to this video, the black belt seems he did not train much Taekwondo or he trained the wrong way. 
The gap between the two belts is very huge in Taekwondo degrees especially if the two fighters respected the normal periods of promotion tests. 
Ps: this is an old fight
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    1. ITF doesn't have chest and head protectors. At least in my time we had only gloves, mouth, groin and leg protectors.

  2. ATA black belt vs. WTF green belt?

  3. If they allowed hand contact to the head like they did way back when that would have been a very different fight

  4. Definitely not ATA, maybe ITF or WTF. Kicking style looked WTF.

  5. I think if he wore a clean uniform he would do better

  6. He is not a WTF fighter- look like a point fighter