2 seconds Knockout

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Knock outs are not happening anymore in most of the World Taekwondo championships and the big events, but they sometimes happen in small tournaments and championships, and we can probably explain that by the huge level gaps between the competitors. In big event most athletes are there
because they are the best at least in their home countries.
The martial arts audience would always want to watch Knock outs and knock downs in the fights, but it is never fun for the athletes who get knocked out.  
Knock outs in general are caused by extremely powerful kick or punch or whatever, and that may lead to serious injuries.
Today I want to share with you one of the strongest knockouts in Taekwondo history, and it may be the fastest knockout. I personally have not seen any faster knock out then the one we are talking about.
This Knock out happened in less than two seconds, and the blue corner (Chong) succeeded to perform a perfect spinning back kick (mondolyo chagi) toward the head of the red corner (Hong) fighter.
When the referee gave the signal for the fight to start, the blue surprised his opponent by a kick to the head and knocked him out. 
In general most Taekwondo athletes do not use mondolyo chagi as an attack because it is simply risky to use it against awake opponents.
When the fight started, the red corner moved toward his opponent without performing any attacking technique, and the blue corner response was perfect.
the red corner tried to stand up and started jogging, which was not a good thing at all, because they should not let him stand up this way.
Please tell us if you know about any other faster knockouts.
Be safe everyone