Taekwondo changed my life at 35 YO (Late starter/Germany)

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"My Name is Lilly (35), I live in Germany and I am a late Starter in Taekwondo.
Initially I was looking for a sport for my 5 year old daughter. We tried gymastics, dancing, but she didn't like it very well. She is very shy and insecure and I thought, that Martial Arts, with it's whole philosophy, could be the right thing for her. So we went to a free lesson in our Dojang.
The Master and Grandmaster  were very nice and have quite a good way to deal with children. They train playful with the younger Kids and quite harder with the adults.
It's a mixed group where kids and parents practise together. And it’s well balanced.

So I was sitting during the lessons, watching my daughter having fun, chatting with the GM and one time she said „Hey Mom! You wanna try? It’s not wrong to learn self defense. Also it's for your mind and your body. “ I thought, why not. Wheter I am sitting and waiting or I have the opportunity to learn something really new.

The next lesson I tried and it was hard. My body was aching and I could barely move for two days. But I fell in love with the whole Philosophy.
Since November 2018 I train twice a week in my Dojang and at home in the weekend. I became fitter, lost some weight, also I strenghten my mind. I became more confident and the Achievements is great for both of me and my daughter. She got so confident, ambitious and found new friends.

Last week we received the 7th Kup and accomplished the Kyokpa. we both are very proud!

My Grandmaster asked me for my goals and I am sure, that I want to achieve the black belt."



  1. Good onya. I started about that age also, with my son. He gave up, but I am still training at over 75 years old. JUST keep training. xx

  2. just like me :D i´m headding to my first belt exsam in December this year ;)

  3. I began in the summer of 2014 at the age of 31. This is May, I received my 1st degree Black Belt. Keep at it. It's a great feeling of accomplishment.