Father of British and Irish Taekwondo GM Rhee Ki Ha

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 Rhee Ki Ha (born in 1938) is a South Korean taekwondo Grand master, recognized as the father of British and Irish taekwondo.

He introduced taekwondo to the United Kingdom since 1967, while he was holding a 5th Dan black belt. he started martial arts since a yung age, he was learning Judo from his father, then he started learning Karate from one of his teachers in school.
Rhee first contact wit Taekwondo was when he served in the South Korean military in the 35th Infantry division.

later he taught the US 8th Army in 1964, trained the Singaporean  Royal Air Force and he was a member of demonstration team that acompanied the general
Choi H. H.
Grand master Rhee Ki Ha holds the Taekwondo 9th Dan, Judo 4th Dan and Karate 2nd Dan.

                              BY Master S. Elfdili