Boxing vs Itf fighter knock out

4:51:00 PM Tkd kwan 4 Comments

This is a sparring between an ITF fighter and a boxing. It may look like unfair fight because the Taekwondo fighter has the ability to use kicks in a good way while the boxer has strong punches. 

In this fight the boxing fighter will be able to defeat the other fighter by a real knock out, because he knew how to manage the distance between him and the Taekwondo fighter. 
Taekwondo fighter will always prefer to fight from a distance while the boxer will need to be close so that his punches can reach, and this is what happened. 

Let's watch the fight 👇


  1. In the last seconds it became a boxing match and the balance shifted immediately into the boxers favour. Not sure what would have happened if the Taekwon-do guy has gone in harder, with full power, back kicks etc thrown at him. Good fight by both though

  2. This is going to sound bad, but yeah if the TKD had gone in to try to kill him, the way the boxer was fighting, he would have won. But if the Boxer had stepped up the intensity, too that fight probably would have been over in seconds and I can't say which one would have won.

  3. Tkd is sport oriented, boxing is real fight. Depend on how the tkd guy trained. That's why I think Tkd should train their hands more than their legs too.

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