Color belts promotion tests

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       The new taekwondo trainee should never consider belt promotion as the main objective of the training, and the main focus should be on developing the skills and mastering taekwondo basics.

Wearing a colored belt or black belt should not be the main goal behind the hard training you do, because the belt only reflects the level you reached if the test was correctly done and if your instructor was not a business man.  

The belt its self does not add any skill to your level but your performance is the prove of your competence.
It is true that new or even old trainees feel pride to have new colored belts or a new Dan, but they forget that holding higher ranks means more responsibility, because it is a bad thing to be a black belt without mastering at least basic techniques.
Promotions tests require an amount of time; this period should be respected by trainees and instructors.

About colored belts, I do not agree about testing after each three months, because it is not sufficient at all to get a new grade/degree after this short time. A new trainee needs more time to master each level techniques, and also to do many training sessions before moving to the next level, moreover, it is not enough to be able to perform techniques correctly, but the trainee should practice the techniques many times; as we know in taekwondo, a trainee who practiced a kick or a strike one thousand times would be logically better than someone who practiced it one hundred times, that is why we can always notice the difference between practitioners holding the same belt because of the seniority factor.

As a new taekwondo trainee, you should not visualize a certain level or belt as your biggest goal, but you better dream about mastering some techniques, including complicated kicks, self-defense techniques, becoming fit, losing weight and so on…

Just keep in mind that getting a new belt is the easiest thing you can ever achieve in taekwondo, and your master can offer you that, but I am sure and certain that he can not offer you the skill and you are the the one who has to work on mastering the techniques, of course by listening and following your master instructions. 

                                     By Master S.Elfdili