Wrestling techniques can help you to win a Taekwondo fight 😁

11:03:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

Taekwondo community still remember the scandalous fight during the world taekwondo championships last May. And here we are again, the two champions meet in the Grand prix. 
Bianca was 5 points ahead of Zheng in the first round by using punches and side kicks without following the same strategy of the last world championships in May (2019).
The second round ended by 5-1 for Bianca without any warning for both of them.
The third round was completely different, Biana got one keumjang and the score became 5-2. Then the Chinese champion Zheng succeeded to score 3 points by a roundhouse kick to the head after one minute of the third round.

Going to the 4th round, Zheng performed a roundhouse kick to the trunk and won the fight.
It seems that wrestling and pushing techniques can make a big difference 😊