Just wondering about the new strategy of WTF! Will this cause more damage to Taekwondo? The inaugural beach taekwondo championships?? and you can see the official uniform :(

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By Baek Byung-yeul 

The inaugural beach taekwondo championships will take place on the Greek island of Rhodes in May.

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) said Wednesday it will hold the first WTF World Taekwondo Beach Championships on the island from May 5 to 6. The taekwondo beach championship will be held to expand the martial arts sport concept from an indoor-only sport to one that can be enjoyed everywhere.

"helvetica" , "arial" , "malgun gothic" , "맑은 고딕" , "gulim" , , sans-serif; font-size: 15.9599990844727px; line-height: 22.3439979553223px;">The federation said President Choue Chung-won first came up with the idea of a taekwondo match on the beach in 2015 to make the sport into an official event of the upcoming inaugural World Beach Games, a multi-sport event scheduled to be held in San Diego in 2019.

The first-ever taekwondo beach championships is comprised only of “poomsae,” a non-sparring event where participants perform a pre-arranged set of movements. Free style poomsae, technical breaking and free style dynamic kicks events will also be featured during the championships.

For the poomsae and freestyle poomsae events, athletes, who are over 15 years of age and are registered with the WTF, can compete while any athlete who is over 15 years old and holds any level of degree given by the Kukkiwon, South Korea’s taekwondo governing body, can take part in the technical breaking event. Any male participant who’s over 15 years old can join the free style dynamic kicks event.

The WTF said it will allow competitors to wear different kinds of uniforms ranging from sleeveless shirts, short pants to tank tops. Wearing hijab, long sleeve shirts or long pants will also be allowed, the federation added.

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